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Blade Repair


CNC Onsite blade insert exchange CNC Onsite blade insert exchange

Blade Repair

Exchange of inserts

The Blade is a crucial component for a wind turbine. In some cases, the Blade Root End is damaged due to breakdowns or due to wear and tear after years in operation.


CNC Onsite Blade Repair CNC Onsite Blade Repair

CNC Controlled Process

High precision

CNC Onsite has developed a full CNC controlled machine that can remove old inserts and/or do flange facing with extremely high precision.

This can be an effective cost and sustainable alternative for scrapping the blades.

CNC Onsite Blade repair CNC Onsite Blade repair

Onsite solution

mobile setup

The CNC Onsite machine can easily be adapted to different blade sizes. 

With this mobile solution it is possible to make the blade repair onsite and thereby reduce logistic cost and reduce downtime.

CNC Onsite In-situ work CNC Onsite In-situ work

Reduce Downtime

Fast response time

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next repair project. We are more than happy to give our input for a solution and we can normally respond extremely quickly in case of emergency