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Line boring at Hornsrev

See how we do a line boring at Horns Rev C. We have the necessary experience and the required certificates for offshore work.


Stern Tube boring


See how we renovate a pipeline on the Niels Juel ship and get an insight into what our mobile machining in the marine sector is about.

Milling of flanges in a floor

Here you can see how we milled flanges that we cast into concrete floors. The challenge was to ensure that all flanges were in a precise grid and the flatness as accurate as possible. Watch how we solved it!

Replacement of Ball Screw

In the video you can watch how we replace a ball screw.

Reperation of shaft for pump

In the video we repair a shaft on a boiler pump. At CNC Onsite we offer mobile machining at CHP plants.

Line boring Wheel Loader

Watch how we made a line boring on a wheel loader.

Contour milling in 20 mm steel

In this video we make a contour milling in a 20mm plate.