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In-situ work

Flange Facing

We are specialists for Flange Facing for Foundations, Towers, Seafastners, Cranes and other contructions.

We are a committed and highly experienced team within our field, and we are ready to make a difference for
YOUR business. We have many years of experience with mobile machining and have developed a large
selection of special designed machines for in-situ work

CNC Onsite Flange Facing

Innovation creates possibilities

Flange Facing

The flatness of the flanges on a construction like a foundation,Tower for a Wind Turbine, a Seafaster for Towers, Foundations for Cranes is crucial

CNC Onsite has developed a series of flange facing machines that
can work on flanges up to Ø10.000.

CNC controlled in-situ work

Fully controlled CNC machine

CNC controlled precision

Some of the Flange facing machines are working with a fully CNC
controller and hereby we can offer same options as in a machine

Flange facing Ø10000

Flange facing Ø10.000

Backspoting and drilling

Onsite Flange facing and drilling of holes – Flange Ø10.000 with Ø66 holes
CNC Onsite offer flange milling onsite for flanges up to Ø10.000. Our machine Obelix can also handle back spotting simultaneous with milling on the topside. 

CNC controlled in-situ work

Onsite drilling of holes

CNC controlled precision

Let us take care of drilling the holes in you flanges onsite. With our CNC Controlled machines we can achieve the needed tolerances onsite.

Replacement of segment on a Yaw Ring

Control Measurement

Easy Laser and 3D Laser Tracker

Flatness measurement before and after machining will, if requested,
be done by use of Easy Laser og 3D Laser Tracker.

CNC Onsite in-situ work

Fair Price

Fast Response time

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project. We are more than happy to give our input for a solution and we can normally
respond extremally quickly in case of emergency