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Line boring

We are specialist in Line boring

CNC Onsite Line boring

Line boring Stern tube

Alignment with Easy Laser

CNC Onsite do line boring on stern tubes. This require always alignment with high precision and for this we do use Easy Laser equipment.

We do design and build our line boring equipment and can therefore easily adjust it to the different task.

CNC Onsite line boring

Line boring on rudder

CNC Onsite helps to keep the right course

There are many places on the vessel where Line boring can be needed. On of them can be on the rudder. Our technicians do have the right knowledge and experience to get the job done.

To help to get the vessel as quick as possible out of the dock, we can normally work 24/4 with short notice.

CNC Onsite line boring

Complicated line boring

We are happy to do the more complex jobs

There are many Line Boring jobs that are “straight forward”, however there are also the more complex jobs. 

These jobs require the best equipment and the right technicians.

CNC Onsite line boring

Mounting the Line bore equipment

Fixture for every purpose

Often Line Boring task are different from time to time, standard is not normal. These require high flexibility for the fixture.

CNC Onsite do have many different fixtures on stock, beside that we can quickly design and produce special fixtures at our own workshop.

CNC Onsite line boring

Welding before Line Boring

Automatic welding process

There will be cases where welding is needed before Line Boring can be done. For this purpose CNC Onsite do use a automatic welding machine onsite.

After the welding process, the Line Boring can be done to ensure a long life time for the product.

CNC Onsite mobilbearbejdning


Fast response time

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next repair project. We are more than happy to give our input for a solution and we can normally respond extremely quickly in case of emergency