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3D Laser Tracker Measurement

We are experts in Measurement

Our employees have extensive experience with geometric alignment of machines, both stationary and mobile. We use this experience to a great extent in our measurement tasks, so we can deliver a report that is easy to understand an apply. The vast majority of our tasks are within the geometrical alignment of CNC machines as well as the measurement of complex constructions. In the following you can read in detail what our services contain.

  • Geometrical alignment of machines

  • Measurement and alignment of fixtures

  • Calibration measurement

  • Measurement of complex and bigger constructions

  • Measurement and placing of fix points

  • Control Measurement of flatness

  • Scanning of surfaces

Quick and well-prepared

At CNC Onsite, we are very aware that time is money. Thus, we strive to move out quickly, be well prepared for the task and bring a selection of relevant measurement tools.

Comprehensible report

CNC Onsite offer very precise measurement performed with our laser tracker equipment. Our employees do have high experience with geometrical alignment of CNC machines as well as measurement of complex constructions. With this background, we are able to deliver measurement reports that are understandable.

Premium equipment

We do use a 3D laser tracker of the type Omnitrac 2 from API. This laser tracker is very fast and has a great auto lock function that makes it very user friendly.

We offer machining and service

CNC Onsite offers, in addition to measurement, mobile work on designs where high precision is required. Additionally, we provide a great service on machine tools, including mechanical and electrical services.