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Measurement with Easy Laser

We know how to do measurements

Our employees have extensive experience with geometric alignment of machines, both stationary and mobile. Do you appreciate working with a company that keeps what it promises? Then we are your right partner! See below what kind of measurements we offer and do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

  • Geometrical alignment of machines

  • Shaft alignment

  • Flatness

  • Parallelism

  • Straightness

  • Bearing alignment for Stern Tube

Attentive towards downtime

At CNC Onsite, we are very aware that time is money. Therefore, we strive to move out fast, be well-prepared for the challenge ahead and bring a selection of relevant measurement tools.

Understandable measurement report

Our employees do have high experience with geometrical alignment of CNC machines as well as measurement of complex constructions with our Easy Laser technique. With this background, we are able to deliver measurement reports that are clear and understandable.

Excellent measuring equipment

We use Easy Laser equipment, which is very suitable for the alignment of drivelines and the measurement of both straightness and flatness. Hence, Easy Laser is excellent for geometric alignment of machines, as well as for measurement tasks on larger constructions. See also our measurement services with the 3D Laser Tracker.

We offer machining and service

CNC Onsite offers, in addition to measurement, mobile work on designs where high precision is required. Additionally, we provide a great service on machine tools, including mechanical and electrical services.

Would you like to have a printable summary of our Easy Laser measurements? Then download our flyer by clicking below.