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>> WindEnergy Hamburg // 24-27 Sept 2024

CNC Onsite, the Danish wind turbine precision machining specialist, will take out a stand at WindEnergy Hamburg.

In 2021, CNC Onsite presented several innovations on the stand, receiving much interest from wind turbine manufacturers and maintenance companies. The yaw gear ring repair solution, in particular, is in demand all over Europe, as the service means repairs are carried out uptower in the nacelle. When yaw ring teeth break or are damaged, it has traditionally been difficult to repair. The space around the yaw ring is limited for a technicians let alone for a machine.

How can a yaw ring then be repaired?

CNC Onsite developed a compact transportable machine specifically for repairing wind turbine yaw rings teeth inside the turbine. CNC Onsite presented the method and the machine (using graphics) at WindEnergy Hamburg and the feedback from wind turbine manufacturers was that the service has great potential as currently owners often decide to scrap the entire turbine as it is costly to replace the yaw ring.

Wind turbine flanges are important to the structural safety of the whole wine turbine but the gap between the two flange faces must be precise and must not exceed two millimeters. As turbine flanges become larger with diameters of 10 meters or more, the precision must still be maintained. At WindEnergy Hamburg, CNC Onsite will present its solutions from 1.8 – 10 meters.

CNC Onsite has worked closely with the Dutch rotor blade specialist We4ce to develop a precision repair service for damaged bushings at the rotor blade’s root. These rotor blade bushings can become damaged over time and will need replacing. The process is complex as it requires precision drilling both for extracting the damaged bushing and for inserting the  new components. The mobile repair of the blade root bushings is the first on the market. Up until now, the rotor blade had to be transported off-site, a costly exercise.

>> WindEurope // 20-22 March 2024

CNC Onsite will be attending the WindEurope event in Bilbao, Spain, from 20-22 March 2024.

We will bring the yaw gear ring repair solution – presented on screen – and show how broken or damaged teeth on a yaw ring can be repaired on-site in the wind park using the mobile patented precision machine from CNC Onsite.

Watch the video which explains in simple terms of our yaw ring repair is carried out:

>> 31. Windenergietage // 8-10 Nov 2023

CNC Onsite will once again take part in the three-day conference called “Windenergie-Tage” (Wind energy days) in Potsdam, Germany. The three day event is fully booked and attracts wind turbine experts, including CNC Onsite’s Søren Kellenberger, an expert on mobile wind turbine yaw ring repair as well as flange repair and wind turbine blade root bushing replacement.

On 9 November in Forum 21 “Dänemark als Pionerland” (Denmark as pioneering country), Søren Kellenberger, CNC Onsite sales director and partner, will give a presentation in German on the efficient optimized service, maintenance and repair and will be using graphics to present CNC Onsite’s precision machines, designed to repair the teeth of a yaw gear ring on-site in the wind park.


9 November 2023 09:40 – 10:05 UHR

Spezialgeräte und Service für vor Ort Reparaturen und Wartung Søren Kellenberger – CNC Onsite