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>> 19.10.2023 // Fully CNC-controlled line boring being developed in CNC Onsite’s workshop

A new line boring machine is taking shape in CNC Onsite’s workshop, a large area at the new facilities in Vejle, dedicated to constructing customized machining tools, of which line boring equipment is one.

The existing line boring equipment from CNC Onsite could be even faster, claimed one customer, who was confident that it would rise to the challenge of the needs for a specific task. Furthermore, the customer was exploring the possibility of having CNC Onsite make advanced shaped machining, which is why we fitted our new machine with a Siemens NCU to provide CNC controlled machining.

A precision machining process aimed at ensuring that bores are accurately lined,  align boring  –  also known as line boring – is a maintenance task for a range of machinery, including stern tubes and rudders, two of the areas in which CNC Onsite specialize along with line boring custom-solutions, as in this case.

Thanks to our in-house team of highly skilled technicians, mechanical and electrical engineers, CNC Onsite developed this machine in just 18 weeks from first request to assembled prototype, and the first tests exceed even our own expectations.

The next step is onsite testing.

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CEO Aage Dam – +45 4028 8410
CSO Søren Kellenberger – +45 2553 7650

>> 05.10.2023 // CNC Onsite completes successful repair of wind turbine tower flange – best practice example

The company has completed at the end of September a fast and well-executed project in the processing of tower flanges. It’s a very good example of how the company operates which is also the reason for sharing it on LinkedIn and other channels.

Turning around such a complex project in a short time is only possible with insightful and flexible customers, and also flexible suppliers, and not least, skilled and flexible employees. CNC Onsite was lucky to have it all.

The project was initiated in less than 24 hours

The inquiry was received on a Wednesday morning and by the same afternoon, the transportation of the flange facing machine had been arranged. By Friday morning, two days later, the machine was disassembled and made ready for pickup, and the following Thursday, CNC Onsite, the flange-milling specialists, were on site.

The special flange-milling machine, which was already in use with another customer in Germany, was kindly released by the customer so it could be transported to the site in Finland, to process the damaged wind turbine tower flange.

  1. Customer 1 made a quick decision and was extremely cooperative, making it possible for us to assist customer 2 with an urgent problem.
  2. The transporter DSV – Global Transport and Logistics was very helpful and quickly transported the machine from point A to B and subsequently back again.
  3. CNC Onsite’s skilled and flexible employees completed the task to the customer’s full satisfaction.

One of CNC Onsite’s goals is to help our customers quickly and efficiently, and this is one example of a successful project.

CNC Onsite offers a range of in-house flange-facing machines that cover diameters from 1.8 to 10 meters.

Last year, CNC launched its new machine Goliath for milling 10-meter tower, transition pieces and monopile flanges.

>> 01.09.2023 // CNC Onsite has been awarded the U.S. patent for its up-tower repair method of the yaw ring gear

The repair method has already been implemented on various platforms and is currently used as standard solution for yaw ring repairs on a range of wind turbine types
The patent covers both the precision machine and the method.

The machine was designed to work sideways, as detailed in the patent, on either inward or outward-facing yaw teeth. The CNC precision machine mills out damaged and broken yaw ring segments radially, not axially, which is the traditional yaw ring repair, but most often the nacelle does not offer sufficient working space above the yaw ring.

The full patent aptly titled method for repairing a yaw ring gear and processing machine for carrying out the method is available on request.