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>> Windindustrie in Deutschland // 12 September 2023 // CNC Onsite mit Vor-Ort-Reparaturlösung für Rotorblattwurzeln auf der Husum Wind

Als CNC Onsite, ein dänischer Experte für Werkzeugmaschinetechnik, auf der Suche nach einem Partner für seine Lösung zur Reparatur von Rotorblattwurzeln war, hatte das Unternehmen das Glück, mit dem niederländischen Rotorblattspezialisten We4Ce zusammenzukommen, der in derselben Ausstellungshalle auf der Husum Wind präsent war. Zwei Jahre später können die Unternehmen die erfolgreiche Entwicklung und Markteinführung des Reparaturdienstes für Rotorblätter feiern, der Reparaturen vor Ort innerhalb weniger Tage ermöglicht, anstatt das Blatt, wie in der Branche üblich, teuer zur Reparatur zu transportieren.

>> North American Clean Energy // 15 July 2023 // Logistics of On-site Repairs

Wind turbine blade roots are traditionally repaired at the manufacturer, requiring costly logistics and long downtime, often leaving operators with no choice but to purchase a new blade or scrap the entire turbine. A new, portable machining tool can efficiently replace damaged inserts in blade roots, offering economical, precision repairs carried out at the wind farm, eliminating transport costs and approval (financial and environmental), as well as waiting times for a repair slot.

>> Fastner and Fixing Magazine // 9 January 2023 // CNC Onsite premieres wind turbine repair service and tools

September’s WindEnergy show in Hamburg saw machining specialist, CNC Onsite Aps, unveil a new on-site repair service and tool to enable the precise, cost-effective replacement of damaged, threaded inserts in wind turbine blade roots.

>> Motion&Drives // 15 September 2022 // Denmark’s CNC Onsite first to offer onsite wind turbine blade root repairs

Blade inserts drilled out and replaced in days; reduced logistics costs, minimal downtime and environmental savings; also alternative to decommissioning; Dutch partner We4Ce to supply high-strength replacement bushings; Premiere at Wind Energy Hamburg 27-30 September 2022

>> North American Windpower // 2 June 2022 // CNC Onsite Creates Precision Equipment for Milling Wind Turbine Flanges

Capable of two-millimeter accuracy, Danish machining tool expert CNC Onsite is launching its Goliath solution in the fall of 2022. Goliath is designed to mill flanges of tower bases, monopiles and transition pieces of up to 10 meters in diameter.

>> Windtech International // 17 March 2022 // Uptower Repair of Yaw Ring
In Situ Method Makes Repairs More Economically Feasible
A new invention for repairing yaw rings in situ is expected to make a contribution to extending the lifespan of wind turbines. Developed by Danish machining expert CNC Onsite, the patented system means the yaw ring does not need to be replaced, eliminating the expensive, time-consuming and potentially detrimental disassembly of the rotor and nacelle.
>> Wind Systems Magazine // 3 March 2022 // Yaw ring system could extend wind turbine life

Danish machining firm CNC Onsite has developed an invention for repairing wind turbine yaw rings on site. The patented system could eliminate expensive, time-consuming disassembly of the rotor and nacelle for replacement.

>> Windpower Engineering & Development // 2 March 2022 // CNC Onsite develops in-turbine method for repairing yaw rings

Danish machining company CNC Onsite has developed a patented method for repairing, not replacing, yaw rings on wind turbines on site. The process doesn’t require disassembly on the turbine rotor and nacelle necessary for replacing yaw rings.