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In-situ Machining

Offshore mobil maching

We are specialists in In-Situ machining

We provide Onsite Machining on the spot when constructions cannot be moved due to size – both offshore and onshore.

Below you can see some of our services.

  • Milling / facing of flanges with diameters from 100 to 20,000 mm

  • Line-boring on elements with a diameter between 40-1200, length from 100-5,000 mm

  • Milling

  • Drilling and tapping

  • Flat grinding / plan grinding

  • Pipe cuts between 4 “-80”

  • Sharpening steel pipes 4 “-80”

  • Milling of sealing surface for pipe connection

  • Special solutions designed according to customer requirements

  • Consultation with regard to In-situ working


Attentive to customers´ downtime

At CNC Onsite, we are very aware of the downtime of our customers in the event of errors in their offshore facilities. We therefore strive to solve the problem quickly and be well prepared for the task, so your challenge is at the heart of our services.

CNC Onsite Line boring

Innovation creates possibilities

We have developed a wide range of custom made machines enabling complex machining processes. This makes it possible to meet machine tolerances on site, which enables us to provide high quality machining processes whether the construction is located in the middle of the ocean or on top of a wind mill.

CNC Onsite Laser Tracker

Control with Laser Tracker

By the means of the Easy Laser and Laser Tracker methods, we offer control measurements before and after machining and thus ensure a high degree of safety and accuracy.

CNC Onsite - Mobil Machining

Experience and expertise

The CNC Onsite team has acquired extensive experience from machining on everything from heat exchangers, wind mill foundations and cannon foundations to flanges on large containers. Our expertise is in high demand within various businesses today. Among these are the oil industry, paper industry, machine industry and pharmaceutical industry only to mention a few.