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In-situ machining

Power Plants

We are specialists in mobile machining for CHP plants

Do you have a power plant that needs In-Situ machining? Then we are your right partner! See below what kind of services for CHP plants we offer and let´s get in touch.

  • Flange milling/turning/drilling from ø100-20.000 mm.

  • Line boring from ø40-1200 length from 100-5.000 mm.

  • Drilling/Line-Boring of bearing fit

  • Drilling and thread cutting

  • Surface grinding

  • Overfladeslibning

  • Reparation of shafts

  • Tube cut from 4″-80″

  • Tube sharpening from 4″-80″

  • Boltspænding (Tension)

  • Custom solutions according to customer specifications

  • Consulting in regards to In-situ work

We have long experience

CNC Onsite has performed a variety of tasks at CHP plants, such as shaft dismantling, bearing pipes, cranes for drilling, drilling of exhaust gas pipes, machining of valve housings and much more.

Highest demands for accuracy

We offer machine tolerances on site, which is unique. This means that we work as if it were in our workshop. For this we use our own machines and we adapt them to the individual task. Thus we can ensure the highest possible degree of accuracy.

Innovation creates possibilities

We develop and manufacture a range of specially designed machines for mobile processing. We have machines for the more simple tasks and fully controlling CNC machines for the more demanding tasks

A fair deal

As soon as we know your needs, we would like to give you a firm offer on all our services. Contact us and let us talk about what we can do for you.