In-situ machining

Wind power

We are specialists in mobile machining within the
wind turbine industry

Do you need precision machining? Do you have an item or machine within the wind turbine industry that needs to be aligned? Then we are the partner you have been looking for! Read more about our services below.

We know how important it is to keep the machinery going. Therefore, our technicians are well-educated and prepared for the tasks they are going to solve. See below what kind of In-Situ work we do and let´s get in touch. These tasks can be performed both on- and offshore.

  • Uptower Rotor Lock Repair

  • Up Tower Yaw Gear Repair

  • Flange Facing up to a diameter of 20.000 mm.

  • Line-boring from ø40-1200 length from 100-5.000 mm.

  • Drilling/Line-Boring of bearing fit

  • Surface grinding and milling

  • Drilling and thread cutting

  • Bolt and thread Repair

  • Custom solutions according to customer specifications

  • Consulting in regards to In-situ possibilities

We go everywhere

CNC Onsite has performed many different tasks for the wind turbine industry. Tasks range from machining prototypes to maintenance on older mills. Just as the work can be on a foundation, a tower, a wing or a nacelle.

Innovation creates possibilities

We develop and manufacture a range of specially designed machines for In-Situ machining. We have tools for the more simple tasks and fully controlling CNC machines for the more demanding tasks.

Highest demands in accuracy

We offer machine tolerances on site and this is unique. We are working on your subject as if it were at our workshop. For this we use our own machines and we adapt them to the individual task.

Control with laser

Before and after machining we offer control measures with Laser Tracker or Easy Laser. This ensures safety and documentation for the desired accuracy.our subject as if it were at our workshop. For this we use our own machines and we adapt them to the individual task.

A fair deal

As soon as we know your needs, we would like to give you a fixed offer on all our In-Situ services. Contact us and let us talk about what we can do for you.

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