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Rotor Lock Repair


We are a committed and highly experienced team within our field, and we are ready to make a difference for YOUR business. We have many years of experience with mobile machining and have developed a large selection of special designed machines for in-situ work

CNC Onsite rotor lock repair

Uptower repair Rotor Lock

Rotor Lock repair

The Rotor Lock is a crucial component in a wind turbine. In some cases, the Rotor Lock holes are damaged due to breakdowns or due to wear and tear after years in operation.

CNC Onsite repair of rotor lock

CNC Onsite has developed a special machine

Uptower repair

CNC Onsite has developed a unique concept to make Up Tower repair on the Rotor Lock.

We have developed a fine-boring machine that removes the damaged area and makes a very precise hole

CNC Onsite udbedring af rotor lock huller

The Wind Turbine can quickly be back in operation

Bushing mounted

After the boring of a new hole a bushing is mounted with use of liquid nitrogen and the turbine can quickly be back in operation.


CNC Onsite mobilbearbejdning

Reduce downtime

Fast response time

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next repair project. We are more than happy to give our input for a solution and we can normally respond extremely quickly in case of emergency