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Would you like to have an insight into what we do?
Look through our video material and get an idea of what we can do for you!

Construction of a gantry milling machine

At CNC Onsite, we are in the process of building a gantry milling machine. The machine is based on a specific customer need, but it is designed to be versatile and can be used for a wide range of purposes. We handle all development tasks in-house, including mechanical, electrical, and control engineering, as well as assembly and testing.

In this video, you can get a behind-the-scenes look at our development and design process. We will follow this video with two more videos about assembly and testing, as well as milling at the customer’s site.

Repairing yaw ring onsite

They have successfully completed a yaw ring repair inside the nacelle of two wind turbines, where a total of 66 teeth, comprising 7 + 4 segments, have been replaced. Using our patented and portable precision tools, the damaged teeth have been replaced instead of replacing the entire yaw ring.

In this video, we showcase the process from the beginning of the task on-site until our technicians are back home.

Goliath is being prepared for new tasks

Our giant – the flange milling machine Goliath – is lifted, turned, and carefully placed on pallets so that it can be safely transported to the next destination, where machining awaits.

It takes skilled personnel to handle the giant and to ensure it is securely packaged to prevent damage from the elements during transport.

Test of line boring machine

Our technicians have just completed a trial with our new line boring machine, ensuring that our equipment is calibrated and functioning as expected.

Line boring is used across many industries to machine the insite of large diameter shafts.

Repair of wind turbines in general

CNC Onsite have specialized in on-site machining/repair solutions. Whether it’s the gearbox, generator, crane, bolts, or rotor lock, we have the expertise, equipment, and components to assist on-site, saving you a lot of costs, demanding logistics, manpower, etc. Watch video for more details and contact information


Did you know it is now possible to repair damaged rotor blade root bushings instead of replacing the entire blade? You can take advantage when you choose CNC Onsite’s highly skilled and specially trained competent team of technicians, electricians and engineers. With this blade root repair solution, wind turbine owners can save not only time and money but also reduce CO2 emissions. Our unique repair service is always ready to assist.

New flange milling machine

CNC Onsite has developed a market leading machine called Goliath, which can mill onshore and offshore wind turbine flanges up to 10 meters in diameter (and even more on request).

Goliath can machine all offshore flange types like:  Jackets, monopiles, transition pieces, floating foundations and large diameter towers.


Are you looking to reduce downtime and costs as well as reduce environmental impact when a wind turbine yaw ring is damaged or worn?

CNC Onsite’s new patented invention allows up-tower yaw ring repair, which reduces both costs and downtime. With this in-situ repair, there is no need to replace the whole yaw ring, eliminating the logistically demanding dismounting of the nacelle.

Flange Ø10.000 with Ø66 holes

CNC Onsite offer flange milling onsite for flanges up to Ø10.000. Our machine Obelix can also handle back spotting simultaneous with milling on the topside. Obelix is able to drill big holes in flanges onsite.

Stern Tube boring

See how we renovate a pipeline on the Niels Juel ship and get an insight into what our mobile machining in the marine sector is about.

Milling of flanges in a floor

Here you can see how we milled flanges that we cast into concrete floors. The challenge was to ensure that all flanges were in a precise grid and the flatness as accurate as possible. Watch how we solved it!

Line boring at Hornsrev

See how we do a line boring at Horns Rev C. We have the necessary experience and the required certificates for offshore work.