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Wind turbine blade root repairs

  • Blade inserts drilled out and replaced in days
  • Reduced logistics costs, minimal downtime and environmental savings
  • Alternative to decommissioning
  • Dutch partner We4Ce to supply high-strength replacement bushings
  • Premiere at WindEnergy Hamburg 27-30 September 2022

New precision tool for milling 10-meter wind turbine flanges

  • Precise flange connections in tower bases, monopiles and transition pieces from “Goliath”, a new flange-facing tool from Danish “CNC Onsite”
  • Maintenance costs, reliability and service life improved

New yaw ring repair method makes wind turbine lifetime extension viable

  • Patented system makes yaw ring repairs economically feasible
  • Danish company CNC Onsite’s method can extend wind turbine life
  • Repair versus replacement represents a significant CO2 reduction
  • New tool is portable, compact and separable to allow in-situ uptower repairs

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