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In-situ work

Up-tower Yaw Ring Repair

We are specialists for In-situ work on Wind Turbines

The Yaw Gear is a crucial component in a wind turbine. In some cases, the teeth may be damaged due to wear and tear after years in operation.

CNC controlled milling machine for up-tower repair

Innovation creates possibilities

Yaw ring repair

CNC Onsite has developed a unique patented concept to make Up Tower repair on Yaw Ring.

We have developed a CNC controlled milling machine that removes the damaged teeth. In the milled pocket a new tooth segment is mounted, and the turbine can quickly be back in operation.

CNC controlled in-situ work

Fully controlled CNC machine

CNC controlled precision up-tower

The milling process is performed with a fully controlled CNC machine. This ensure high precision as in a workshop. After the milling the pocket are measured with special control measurement tools to ensure a perfect fit.

Replacement of segment on a Yaw Ring

Lift extension for your Wind turbine

Alternative for replacing the Yaw Ring.

This new solution gives the possibility to replace either sections or all teeth in a Yaw Ring. With this patented system the lifetime of the Wind Turbine can be extended.

CNC Onsite in-situ work

Reduce Downtime

Exted the lifttime for your WTG

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your next repair project. We are more than happy to give our input for a solution.